Latest news

  • Slocene and Vašleja have been restored

    SJC “Real Estate of the Ministry of Agriculture” in the integrated project of the European Union’s LIFE program “Implementation of management plans for Latvian river basins to achieve good surface water status” has completed the reconstruction works of Slocene and Vašleja to reduce the impact of hydromorphological transformations. The works were carried out based on the research results, recommendations and opinions of the project partners, environmental experts.

  • Insight into LIFE GoodWater IP international conference on dam removal

    LIFE GoodWater IP project organized the international conference “Let the waters flow: removal of dams, weirs and other obstacles for improvement of water quality and aquatic ecosystems in rivers” to introduce the implemented actions, plans and challenges in Latvia as well as to learn from good practices in other European countries. Conference was held on 20-21 September 2023 in Cēsis, Latvia.