The LIFE GoodWater IP project has selected the Auce river and the Nākotne village wastewater treatment plant as an object of good practice, offering sustainable solutions to reduce pollution and its impact on water. 

Nākotne village

The Auce river has poor chemical and ecological water quality, so it is classified as a water body at risk. 

Water quality in the Auce River is negatively affected by the input of untreated or poorly treated domestic wastewater into water bodies from apartment buildings and private houses, as well as the inflow of industrial wastewater from production facilities. This fosters water saturation (eutrophication) and overgrowth. 

In the LIFE GoodWater IP project, we will build a new domestic sewerage network and wastewater treatment plant in the Nākotne village, which will prevent damage to the environment and improve water quality in the Auce river. 

In order to inform wider audience about the wastewater treatment plant built in Nākotne village and increase public awareness of sustainable municipal wastewater management and its beneficial impact on water quality, we plan to create a Green Class Nākotne village with a prototype of wastewater biological treatment plant with a capacity of 100m3 / dnn.