Thematic Group Leader (E activities) Magda Jentgena, Pasaules Dabas Fonds

Three E actions are foreseen in the project.

Action E1 will ensure project visibility and disseminate the project results and lessons-learned. A variety of methods will be applied, based on a communication strategy elaborated to implement purposeful and coordinated efforts to inform target audiences and general public about the issues raised and goals to be reached by the project. It will also try to achieve public involvement and public support for the activities carried out by the project. Various communication channels and methods will be used, such as website and social media of the project and project partners, notice boards, media activities, Layman report, and other.

Action E2 will focus on the public awareness and involvement as well as disseminating the results from specific project themes and actions, which are often at a local, regional or national level.

Action E3 will focus on experience exchange and networking, including networking with other LIFE and other projects, participation in and organisation of thematic regional and international events.