Thematic Group Leader Iluta Dzene, Baltic Coasts

Within the framework of the project, wastewater working group has been established, the focus of which is on issues related to point source pollution of surface water – its sources and its impact on surface waters in Latvia. Wastewater is one of the most important sources of point source pollution, so its collection and treatment has a huge impact on the environment, human health and the economy, both locally and globally.

Reducing the environmental impact of wastewater collection and treatment systems and achieving their economic and environmental sustainability is one of the main objectives of the LIFE GoodWater IP project. The focus of several project activities is directed on testing and analysing decentralized sewerage systems and small wastewater treatment plants (with an installed capacity of less than 5 m3 of wastewater per day). Within the framework of the project it is planned to evaluate the operation of small waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) in selected demo objects, to identify their impact on specific water bodies, prepare recommendations for reducing pollution caused by small WWTPs and develop conclusions and results for integration into river basin management plans.

Tasks related to wastewater issues will be addressed through the activities of A and C actions, as well as cooperation with the population and representatives of interested third parties through the activities C14.5 and E, for example, by developing topics for the wastewater training programme.