Latest news

  • Doctoral Thesis in Development on Issues Imortant for LIFE GoodWater IP

    Maija Fonteina-Kazeka, an environmental expert of the LIFE GoodWater IP project partner association “Baltic Coasts”, is developing a doctoral thesis “Application and use of the ecosystem services approach in surface water ecosystem quality monitoring.” It was first presented on February 3, 2022, in the sub-section of the 80th Science Conference of the University of Latvia “Latvia’s Climate, Surface and Groundwater – Variability, Trends and Impacts”. The research study is being developed under the science sub-branch “Nature Protection” of the, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia and is fully focused on the goals and objectives set for the LIFE GoodWater IP project Action D2 “Monitoring of Ecosystem Services Restoration”.

  • Networking

    Our networking with LIFE IP CleanEst continues

    We are glad to continue the well established networking with the LIFE IP CleanEST project from Estonia. Project’s delegation joined our 1st Baltic-Nordic region thematic workshop on synergies and trade-offs between nature, water, climate, and flood prevention policies in local and regional context workshop in Lubāna, September 2021 and shared their experience in remediation of the contaminated sites and cleaning the waterbody by floating islands.