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  • Project researchers inform about their findings at a scientific conference

    On February 9th the LIFE GoodWater IP researchers informed about their findings at the scientific conference of the University of Latvia. Information was provided about the findings in the Lake Sauka.

    The research in the Lake Sauka is being carried out each month since 2020 by the researchers from the Institute of Biology of the University of Latvia in cooperation with the Scientific Institute for Food Safety, Animal Health and the Environment and the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

  • Jelgava Regional Municipality joins LIFE GoodWater IP project

    Jelgava Regional Municipality has become a partner of LIFE GoodWater IP project and within the project the municipality will build a new wastewater treatment plant in the Nākotne village on a site belonging to the municipality. The project will provide co-funding for the construction of the site and the municipality is ready to invest additional funding, if needed. Ensuring proper wastewater management is one of the functions of the municipality. Jelgava Regional Municipality is equipped with both the technical capacity and the competences necessary to ensure the results of the project are achieved and maintained.