Jelgava Regional Municipality has become a partner of LIFE GoodWater IP project and within the project the municipality will build a new wastewater treatment plant in the Nākotne village on a site belonging to the municipality. The project will provide co-funding for the construction of the site and the municipality is ready to invest additional funding, if needed. Ensuring proper wastewater management is one of the functions of the municipality. Jelgava Regional Municipality is equipped with both the technical capacity and the competences necessary to ensure the results of the project are achieved and maintained.

The change in the partnership took place due to the decision of the former project beneficiary – LLC “Jelgavas novada KU” to withdraw from the project partnership. Necessity to make changes to the initial project emerged after several site visits and monitoring visits to the wastewater treatment plant in the village Nākotne, where the activities were planned to be carried out. As deeper investigation revealed, the conditions at the wastewater treatment plant were more critical than the previously available data suggested. After further evaluation and analysis of the situation, purchase and installation of a new wastewater treatment plant was highlighted as the most cost-efficient solution. This solution is the most appropriate to ensure improvement of the water quality in the River Auce and at the same time to achieve other objectives set within the project.